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Goodbye Lactobacillus....

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Goodbye Lactobacillus....

Hello bifidobacterium! Here's an interesting scientific paper about using bifidobacteria for breadmaking. It sounds like good stuff!

The only thing is ------ get your pooper scooper ready!


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I’m not ready to take the plunge :D

I’ve said in the past, “I’ll try anything once”. I now know I lied...


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Very interesting, Lactobacillus sp. are also found in human stool of course.


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Bifido is in those "probiotic" supplements, mostly included with Lactobacillus, but at least one product on amazon has a bifido strain by itself.

Though I doubt the supplements have the chicken variety that the article touts.  ;-)


Dan, using probiotic supplements to create a starter sounds like an experiment you might have experience with.  ;-)

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Never used it in a starter, but did experiment with it in a sd bread. I was unimpressed.