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Bulk proof evaluation 100% whole grain dough

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Bulk proof evaluation 100% whole grain dough

Hi all, I though I would post a few photos to show how I evaluate whether bulk proof is finished in a 100% whole wheat dough.

The pic at the top of this post is a dough that is close but not yet ready. There is a band of dough at the top that does not yet have bubbles in it.

This is a typical fermentation pattern for my doughs, perhaps because I give them bottom heat. If your dough ferments at the same rate everywhere, rather than bottom to top, look for it to appear as this dough does at the bottom: filled with of a network of small bubbles.

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Thanks Jess - do you you usually bake in the same day or do an overnight second rise?

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HI Seasidejess.

The other day i was just questioning whether bubbles on the surface were required to show that BF is finished.  I only get those surface  bubbles with yeast doughs and not sourdough.  Some one replied, no.  Like you , I get small bubbles on the bottom.   Now, are you saying you do eventually get the surface bubbles? Because i don't wait for them in fear i'll overferment.  My dough is super jiggly though.

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I should be using glass. Way heavier than stainless steel, alas.

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I don't ferment overnight. With the fresh milled flour it always gets over fermented and turns to goo.

I don't wait for bubbles to appear on top of the dough. As soon as the little bubbles go all the way up the sides and the dough is puffy I consider it done.

 Any big-enough polyropelene container will do for a bulk ferment. It's clear enough to look through. The lidded bowl I use is sold in two-packs at the drug store for taking salads to potlucks.