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quality of different flours

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quality of different flours

Has anyone had this happen?

Because flour has become difficult to find, I purchased a bag of supermarket brand white flour, rather than my usual King Arthur brand (couldn't find it anywhere!).  When I tried to use the cheap flour to feed my sourdough didn't work!  After several days of this feeding and the starter not rising, I was able to get some King Arthur brand and it worked just fine.

Can anyone explain what happened?


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If the brand you got is bleached or brominated, I think it could affect the starter. 

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You should use unbleached flour for sourdough baking.

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Another possibility is that it could be working, but just not rising due to the lower gluten content of the flour.

I had this problem. I started making sourdough during the coronavirus lockdown and the only flour I could buy was hong kong flour (a very bleached and finely-milled flour with a gluten content close to all purpose flour), though I did have a tiny amount of coarse ground Irish wholewheat left that I used to seed the starter. After one week. I would see bubbles and it had a nice sour smell, but never rose at my starter's 100% hydration - I guess because the starter mixture lacked the gluten strength to trap the air bubbles; instead, they'd rise and escape.

Nevertheless, my starter did a great job of raising with my first sourdough recipes: english muffins and bagels at their lower hydration levels.

Since then, I see the same behavior whenever my starter is fed with lower gluten flours, and it rises again as soon as I switch to higher gluten varieties.

So maybe try baking something small at low hydration, and see if it works for you?

Best Regards,

 - Danny