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Dinkel Dunkel Dinkel

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Dinkel Dunkel Dinkel

Can anyone recommend a spelt-based dunkel beer, aka dinkel dunkel, that's available in the Northeast US? I want to make sourdough beer bread using spelt flour and a spelt dunkel -- in other words, dinkel dunkel dinkel.

Obviously this is for partly silly reasons -- I like the name -- but then again I love beer and I love spelt, too. I've found dunkel beers where I live (Rhode Island) but haven't yet discovered a dinkel dunkel.


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Clearly it’s time to get together some beer making supplies ;-)

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Mini Oven

Spelt dark beer?

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Here is a cool website that lets you find every craft brewer in Rhode Island. Your mission: take to the phone! One of these places is probably brewing with spelt. Whether they're specifically brewing a dark, malty lager with'll just have to ask them....

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Great resource, thanks.

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Found on the RateBeer site.