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Norwich Sourdough

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Norwich Sourdough

I decided to bake a version of the "Norwich" Sourdough I found on the Wild Yeast blog and think it turned out pretty well.  Obviously I need some practice slashing but I was happy with the taste and crumb.  I substituted 150 grams of whole wheat flour for some of the white and an extra 70 grams of water to compensate. I'm going to have to try making it with all white flour, I just can't make myself like whole wheat bread no matter how hard I try.  I followed her instructions for the most part but I think my refrigerated fermentation went a little longer, more like 20 hours rather than 16.  The loaves weren't overproofed nonetheless.  The crust had great blisters all over it and stayed very crispy.  I divided the loaves into one double-sized batard and two smaller batards.  I'm just getting used to using a lame; as you can see, I butchered the slashing on the large loaf.  I was actually pretty happy with the slashes on the smaller loaves.  Anyone have any good tips for using the lame?

Whole Wheat Norwich SourdoughWhole Wheat Norwich Sourdough 

 Shot of the Crumb

Shot of the Crumb



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Oh that looks great.  As I was looking through Wild Yeast yesterday I decided that I was going to make this bread next weekend.  Its good to see yours turn out so well.  I think your slashes look good.  I use an xacto knife myself and usually have some ripping, so I'm sorry to say I have no tips.  At any rate, I'm looking foward to this weekend when I get to do this.

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Those loaves are quite beautiful. I can't tell what you think is wrong with the slashes on the larger loaf -- looks good from here!