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Pizza - max time you can wait?

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Pizza - max time you can wait?

Hi.. I made Maurizio's pizza dough (theperfectloaf) on Saturday. What's the longest you've waited before cooking. Turns out I'm not going to have it until maybe Thursday or Friday.. what's the longest time you can wait before cooking? They proofed two hours and then went straight into the fridge. 

Thanks in advance.. !

Here's the recipe:

It's essentially 67% hydration using 15% starter.


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Based on the recipe, your proofing time and amount of starter in the dough, I wouldn't wait more than 3 days. I also find that with natural leavening (sourdough) the dough tends to get wetter as it ages. I use IDY in my pizza, and when IDY is used in tiny quantities (less than 0.5% of flour weight), the dough can sit in the fridge for 5 days with no major adverse effects. 

Hope the bake turned out well! 

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In making sourdough pizza dough following the CB recipe, the longest I’ve waited so far is 72 hours.  However, based on how well it did after 72 hour I suspect 96 hours would be fine too.  I would certainly try to make pizza on Thursday if at all possible.  Report back on how the pizza turns out.