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Stefano Manfredi basic dough recipe problem

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Stefano Manfredi basic dough recipe problem

Hi all,

I've been baking great bread from FWSY for a couple of years, but recently was given a copy of New Pizza by Stefano Manfredi. I tried the basic straight dough recipe, but the dough came out VERY firm - not elastic at all.

The recipe is on this page, but substituting 8g fresh yeast for 2g dried yeast:

I did a half-batch first time.

He's aiming for 55% which seems very dry to me (I am not an expert!). I had to add more water - I think I finished roughly 60% hydration to stop my stand mixer burning out!

He states "A good way to check the elasticity is right is to stretch a piece of dough and if it forms a strong, transparent membrane without breaking (similar to blowing a bubble with gum), it is ready."

So if it's not elastic, like mine, then do what? Add water? Turn the mixer back on?

I'll give this recipe another try, and then ditch it if it doesn't work. I'm interested academically in understanding what is going on here.


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seems very dry to me.

I just use a standard bread recipe with my pizzas and they turn out great every time

500g swbf

320ml water

10g salt

7g instant yeast

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same recipe but how do you change the timings and do the shaping?  im interested in being able to make strong enough pizza bases so that i can shape them successfully.  i usually do that slap on the forearm/turn 90 degrees method, but i pretty much always end up stretching parts of it so thin it nearly tears.....