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Colorado Man


Who makes the best sauce and where can I get it? I've tried Don Pepino and it's ok. I want something better. More like the stuff with some great zip to it. (More like the stuff they use in pizza places.) Any ideas?

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I always make my own and is very simpel. 

Just use some can’s of Italian tomato chunks. 

Chop some carlic.
You can use fresh chilli or dried. I always use dried because it is more predictable. 

Heat some olive oil in a pan and ad the carlic and chilli and let fry a bit. Not to long brown carlic taste bitter. 

Then add de tomato chunks and let it simmer for a few ours. Add water if it gets to dry. 
Turn of the heat and add some fresh or frozen basil.

A plus it smells great when you doing it.