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What’s different about this laminated dough?

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What’s different about this laminated dough?


A while ago I went to a bakery in Montreal that specialized in Kouign Amann, it looked like this. I’m curious how they made the layers this distinct and caramelized, anyone have any idea what they’re doing differently? Typically laminated dough in croissants or Kouign Amann looks more blended together like this.

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The few times (3) I’ve made Kouign Amann, I started with what was essentially croissant dough. For the last folds, you spread sugar on the counter and roll out the dough to embed sugar in both sides of the dough, the fold and roll out again. I’ve never baked in a flat circle as this baker did, but I got plenty of layers and a lot of caramelized deliciousness. I think what you’re seeing is an uncomplicated final arrangement intended precisely to show off the layers. It is, indeed a lovely effect.

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Agree with the previous poster.  Also you can call the bakery and ask about their technique and method.