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Butterfly pea sourdough

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Butterfly pea sourdough

I've been baking for a while and I want to try a butterfly pea sourdough. What is the best practice in order to get the dramatic color? With my sourdoughs I use Tartine's recipes. Should I lower the whole wheat flour? Should I add the blue water early on like normal or substitute it at a different time?


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Gwen, have you seen this?

Kristen tells me the pea flowers also make the crumb lacey.

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Mini Oven

Use a stick blender or blender and give the water with blossoms a good whizzzz.   Flowers just add more fiber.  The dried flowers can also be powdered ahead of adding them as they crumble easily.  


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I use a butterfly pea powder instead of the tea.  You do have to be careful not to add too much as it affects the gluten