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A Quick Way to Convert Volume to Weight in Grams

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A Quick Way to Convert Volume to Weight in Grams

I just had one of those "duh!" moments, and wanted to share.

If you have become enamoured of converting recipes to grams, as I have, you probably have noticed that there are no conversions tables that cover everything an adventurous baker might want to use. I've been relying on actually weighing out things and keeping notes. Then it hit me -- a resource I have used for other food calculations is available right on the Web and it covers everything you can possibly think of -- or almost.

Go to

and you have easy access to the USDA tables of food data.

At the upper right on the Nutrition Data home page are two boxes where you can enter the food you are looking for. Suppose you want to convert 1/4 of pistachio nut meats to grams. Type in pistachio and pick the category Nuts and Seed Products in the drop down list, then hit Search. you will come up with 3 listings for pistachio nuts. Click on the one you want, and you will be taken to a page with all sorts of information, much of which is not relevant to bakers, but right near the top you will learn that 1 cup of pistachio nutmeats weights 123 grams. If your recipe calls for 1/4 cup, divide by 4 and you are there -- 31 grams.

i checked on what types of flours were listed; there are several dozens. From experience I know that must common ingredients are covered. I've used this resource for purposes other than baking for years, and there is very little that is not listed. I find the organization here much easier to deal with than the USDA site.

I'm just embarrassed that it took me so long to realize I could use it this way.

Mary in Hammondsport where sunshine is finally melting the half inch of ice that fell yesterday.

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I too had been making notes on all my recipes. Now we can take a few minutes and even make a chart for ourselves for our flours and such, copy one to file, print one and stick up on the refrigerator ( the universal filling system) and update the one on the computer as we see fit and print out the updated version as we need to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I tried to create a chart, but with only mediocre success.  I'll have to do a better one now, using this as a resource.  I need honey and other syrups, sugars (esp brown sugar), nuts, etc.  I have my first half-a**ed chart on my fridge, but now I'll have a good one.


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What did we ever do without the Internet? I just can't imagine ever going back to having 4 or 5 volumes of the encyclopedia out on the table and still not being able to find what I wanted to know.



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I do not care that this thread is ages old, you rock, and I think you should know that. THANK YOU SO MUCH.