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Had to get Ziggy right

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Had to get Ziggy right

Recently I baked Abel's pain au Levain baguettes and included a Ziggy.  Which sadly didn't not spring open and grigne at me.  Wrong combination of too high a hydration and too much AP flour.  Well, can't have that.  

So I went back to a bake from last year.  I changed the levain hydration to 100% but kept the overall dough hydration at a hair over 72%.  Eliminated the internal sesame seeds and again used some of warehoused tritordeum from last April's trip to Barcelona.

I had to get my old Ziggy back again.  And so I did.

In order to get Ziggy right it takes a stiffer dough that can hold its shape well.  Even this one, at 72% hydration worked well due to the addition of the tritordeum.  I'll also guess that whole grains, as this version of the tritordeum is, work better than all AP or Bread flour does.  Although that may work at hydrations in the mid 60's.

I've only done it a few times and always on batards.  Using a ceramic knife, I go against all scoring logic and make what would typically be a monstrously deep cut in the dough.  Just a "W" shape down the length of the dough.  That's it.


Semolina and Sesame loaf       
The Weekend Bakery, mod by alfanso       
    Total Flour    
Total Dough Weight (g) 1762 Prefermented14.50%   
Total Formula   Levain   Final Dough 
Ingredients%Grams %Grams IngredientsGrams
Total Flour100.00%1000.0 100.00%145.0 Final Flour855.0
Bread Flour62.50%625.0 100%145.0 Bread Flour480.0
Durum37.50%375.0 0%  Durum375.0
Water72.20%722.0 100%145.0 Water577.0
Salt1.75%17.5    Salt17.5
Toasted sesame seeds2.25%22.5    sesame seeds22.5
Starter2.90%29.0 20%29.0   
Totals176.20%1762.0 220%319.0  1762.0
optional - hold back 10% water for post autolyse bassinage    
Mix water, levain & flours.  Autolyse 20 minutes      
Incorporate salt        
150 French Folds, 5 mi. rest, 150 FFs       
into oiled receptacle        
Letter Folds at 40, 80 min.  Final rest for 40 min.      
Total retard for at least 12 hours.       
At some point after at least 2-3 hrs -  divide, pre-shape, shape.    
Onto moderately floured couche.  Cover and back to retard.    
Oven to 475dF for up 45-60 min       
Dough onto oven peel, score and load oven with dough    
bake at 455dF        
steam oven for 13 min, remove steam and rotate dough    
Another 15-17 minutes, then vent for 3 min.      

700g x 1 Ziggy

390g x 3 baguette/long batard 


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Love your loaves once again. Yum!

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that I saw on one of Abel's posts a few years ago.  Now that my mother isn't around anymore to admonish me, I can play with my food!

thanks, alan

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Wow, I love the way ziggy opened up, so striking.  Wonderful baking as always Alan.


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I added a few lines in the post about how to do it.  Between the yellow tint of the semolina, in this case tritordeum, and the sesame seeds, even a regular loaf carries a little pizazz!

thanks, alan

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great bake Alan


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just get good surface tension on the dough and enough "body" to it.  Fun to do too.

thanks, alan