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FWSY Field Blend #2 w/raisins and pecans

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FWSY Field Blend #2 w/raisins and pecans

keeping busy, kinda.  My wife wanted something with fruit and nuts for a next bake.

Forkish FWSY Field Blend #2, alfanso style.  This one uses a 100% hydration all AP levain and toned down to 75% overall hydration.  First time adding anything to this wonderful bread, but the match seemed made to order.

If you've worked with add-ins like fruit or nuts and made a shape like baguettes, you probably have come across a similar obstacle.  The relatively thin diameter of the dough often allows the additional product to dictate its shape somewhere along the length.  Hence one of these has a slender waistline.  Also scoring can be hit or miss with with so much interruption of a clean score due to the "bumpy" parts.  It's their being in the way of the score line as well as their weight and interruption of the contiguous gluten structure that may affect the eventual grigne. 

3 x 415g baguettes/long batards.

Last week it was another Hamelman WW levain, but covered in bran flakes and shaped as one girthy beast.  The near end was lopped off before I snapped the photo.

1250g x 1 batard.


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Our Crumb

...good enough to eat Alan.  A lot of.

Stay safe,


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During the day, and for hours until the evening when the crust started to lose that snap, the bread kept calling my name.  Thank goodness for a lack of self control, else I never would have eaten so many thin(ish) slices during the daylight hours!  Keeps winning down the butter stocks!

FYI Yesterday afternoon on a Zoom call with the Bay Area friends we mentioned the Cap'n as well as the Checkered Demon!  All within context and conversational scope, of course!


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Your bread is always consistently beautiful and I’m sure delicious Alan.


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yeah, this was certainly an unanticipated bake combination.  I'll also use the water that the golden raisins soak in as part of the final dough mixing hydration.


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Your baguettes with add-ins always look festive. Love the crumb with the golden raisins and purplish pecans.

Though I have plenty of time to practice (like making baguettes) and have stocked some baking supplies before quarantine, they are dwindling so I have to stretch them till quarantine is lifted. But, by doing so, I have discovered some delicious things on the way.

Glad you're doing fine. Stay safe!

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The old saying is "necessity is the mother of invention".  Not to be confused with Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention rock band from the 60's.

thanks, alan