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No offense intended but I see large blocks of Chinese characters on many pages. Has the sit been hacked or are folks from that part of the world joining in?


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Click on the “report this” button below the questionable post.  That notifies Floyd of a potential problem that needs attention.  


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FYI if you don't know any better.

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The 'spam' is Korean, not Chinese.

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My apologies, no insult intended, just a display of my ignorance.

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No offense taken. 

I don't read Korean (nor Chinese), but I did study Japanese back in the day.

As to them looking alike, an anecdote. In 2013 I went to North Korean. We had a group of about 36 westerners. We also had a group visa, with photos that were pretty poor quality because they were emailed in.

Anyway, the North Korean immigration guy was struggling to identify each of us. North Korea prides itself on being 'pure' Koreans, so they all look fairly similar. Westerners, not so much.

He finally motioned to one of us and indicated in gestures (shoulder shrug?) that he was having trouble identifying each of us an an individual. We'd point at a picture, and then point at the pictured individual.

Problem solved.


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Seadoggie:  Just for future reference,

if it has a smattering of circles and ovals, it's Korean.

If it's boxy looking with lots of straight strokes, no circles/ovals, it's likely Chinese,

If it's more open, not so boxy as Chinese, and has a few arcs and simple lines, it's likely Japanese.

But there are many languages that use a non-Latin (ie, not A, B, C) script (writing system).


An easy way to tell is go to google translate and copy/paste in the text.  Or just go to google, put "translate" as the first word, and then paste the text in right next to it,



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Yup, for some reason we get hit here with Korean spam quite often.

I've got a number of Korean characters that automatically trigger an alert and block the accounts, but still sometimes posts get through. I remove them as quickly as I can, but I do not monitor the site overnight. Which... wow, you posted this at 3 in the morning? I removed them by 9 am but, yeah, if you visit the site at 3 in the morning anywhere in North America you are going to experience maximum spam.

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Hi Seadog92 I live in Perth Western Australia and its in the same time zone as  much of Southeast Asia, so i often get to see some of the spam as it comes up, i do report it so that Floyd has the heads up for deletion. Slightly annoying but well managed by  Floyd who we must thank for that good job unlike some sites that get overwhelmed and just about unusable.