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Flour source: Indian grocery stores.

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Flour source: Indian grocery stores.

If your local "regular" grocery in North America is out of wheat flour, check your local Indian Grocery.

Panic buying of flour has probably hit them too.  BUT... they have different sources and different distribution channels than the standard Kroger, Publix, Albertson's etc.  

Soooo... they "might" be able to restock quicker.

Just an idea to check out, if you need flour, white rice, etc.  

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The local supermarket was sold out of everything. Even vinegar, (we were going to make pickles), but at the Indian market you could have bought flour and rice to last a year. Same at our Italian market, 00 flour was plentiful along with pasta and canned tomatoes.

Hang in there everybody.

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I took this pic at my local grocery.  Haha.