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Gluten-Free Sourdough Bagels

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Beverly the Inspired

Gluten-Free Sourdough Bagels

Made with buckwheat sourdough & a blend of buckwheat & cassava flours.

Bagels on counter.

Dough shaped & held together nicely. Measured 135-g for each ball; total of 10. To keep it from sticking, before forming dipt hands in a shallow plate of water.

Forgot to take a picture of the water bath stage *oof*. Blended water, sorghum syrup & salt & brought to slow rolling boil. Worked with one bagel at a time; sliding from slotted spoon into boiling water. Once it rose back to the surface, removed to the baking pan & sprinkled with “everything” blend.

Baked batches of three on the toaster oven’s broiling pan at 350-degF for 20/25-min. Removed to wire rack to cool.

Bagels cooling on rack.

Hmm... also forgot to take any pictures of the crumb. Believe me, they’re chewy like “real” bagels with a hint sourdough. Think the “everything” blend obscured it a wee bit. Probably too heavy handed, HaHa.

Parboiling is the key to chewy textured bagels I learned many years ago. Leap of Faith to boil gluten-free dough.

For the first batch of real, honest for true bagels, these were good. I ate one hot & plain just to be sure they were edible. So glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone.


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Angelica Nelson

Really nice!  I'm going to try this.  Desperate for bagels by now, year 2+. Do you mind sharing a recipe?

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Beverly the Inspired

62-g tepid Water

1-T Sorghum Syrup

Pinch Active Dry Yeast

100-g Rice Flour


450-g ripened Buckwheat Sourdough


150-g Cassava Flour

222-g Buckwheat Flour

44-g Psyllium Powder

24-g Buttermilk Powder

16-g Grey Sea Salt


590/600-g Water


1-T Sorghum Syrup, reserved

1-t Grey Sea Salt, reserved

Bagel Toppings, reserved


Make a sponge with first 4 ingredients & let set until bubbly.

Add sourdough & beat thoroughly.

Mix next 5 ingredients in large mixing bowl.

Beat 500-g water into sourdough sponge.

Pour this mixture into dry mixture.

Beat & knead the dough in the bowl. Add additional water if necessary.

Dough will feel tacky & springy.

Let rest several hours to make sure flours absorb water well or refrigerate overnight.


Weigh 130-g of dough for each bagel.

Pour a bit of water into a dinner plate.

Form each lump of dough into a ball, making a hole through the center.

Set aside on a sheet of parchment paper.

(I dip my palms in the water before forming bagels. Keeps dough from sticking too much.)

Bring 12-cups water to a slow rolling boil.

Add sorghum syrup & salt.

Working with one bagel at a time lower it into boiling water.

Let it rise back up to the surface & float.

Remove with slotted spoon to parchment paper covered baking sheet.

Sprinkle with toppings.

Continue until all bagels are boiled & sprinkled.

Bake at 350-degF, 20-mins. Adjust time as needed.

(I baked in small batches in the toaster oven & test baked one bagel for timing.)

Remove from oven & transfer bagels to cooling racks.

We’ve missed “real” bagels, too. To me a bagel isn’t a bagel unless it’s parboiled, HaHa! Tomorrow I’m making a batch of Anise, Saffron & Golden Raisin Bagels with this recipe.


Hope you have a wonderful experience making tasty bagels.


p.s. That’s not a typo, I did use 44-g psyllium powder. It did not make them gummy or gross at all; chewy like a good bagel is supposed to be.