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Legend of Zelda cake design ( Phantom Hourglass)

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Legend of Zelda cake design ( Phantom Hourglass)

 Phantom Hourglass cake Phantom Hourglass cake    My son is a fan of Nintendo games...he just had his 11th birthday and here are some of the pictures of his cake... Phantom Hourglass cake


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That is wicked cool. But now I'm going to have the Zelda songs stuck in my head all day...

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*blown away!*

wow! I wish I'd seen this last year when I was dying for inspiration when my boy wanted the same theme for his cake! Your cake is considerably more awesome! 


LOVE all the detail - oh! The pretzels! That's so great! 

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Welcome to the community!


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 I just made the zelda theme song my ringtone the other day.  I'd like that cake for my birthday.  Maybe I'd do a Windwaker theme.


Darn.  Now I want to play the game.  Must... do... more... important... things......