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Success! GF Sourdough Bread

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Beverly the Inspired

Success! GF Sourdough Bread

Soft White Sourdough Bread

First experiment in bread machine.

Cuisinart. Whole Wheat cycle, 4-hr 38-min. Dark Crust.

 Adapted from KAF original recipe:


Cold 40s-degF. Cloudy w/ drizzle.

Indoor temp 69/70-degF. 52 RHumidity.



113-g tepid Distilled* Water

7-g Red Star Active Dry Yeast

1 toothpick dip Briess Sorghum Syrup

 454-g Homemade GF Sourdough castoff

 372-g KAF GF Measure-for-Measure

8-g Hodgeson Mill Buttermilk Powder

 57-g tepid Distilled Water

 3-g SF Salt Co. French Grey Sea Salt

 13-g 4th & Heart Ghee warmed to liquid


Measure water & yeast into scale measuring bowl. Add 1/2 toothpickful sorghum syrup. Stir to mix. Pour into bread machine baking tin. Allow yeast to become frothy.


Measure sourdough & stir into frothy yeast.


Measure M4M & buttermilk powder. Stir well & add to yeasty sourdough.

 Set tin into machine body. Lock in place. Close lid. 


Select Whole Wheat, Dark Crust. Press Start/Stop.

Machine will start a warming cycle before kneading cycle.


At beg kneading cycle, open lid. Gently scrape & fold forming dough. Add additional water from the 57-g reserve, 1-T at a time if dough is too dry w/ clumps not incorporating.

 Close lid & allow machine to work.


At beg of next kneading cycle, open lid. Sprinkle salt onto dough. Gently pinch salt into dough as machine kneads. Close lid & allow machine to work.


At beg of final kneading cycle (machine will beep an alert), open lid. Check dough’s formation & feel. Dough will feel warm, soft & pliable. A little sticky is fine, too for GF dough.


Remove paddle at end of this kneading cycle. Gently smooth dough & make sure it’s formed a loaf. Add ghee by drizzling a little around each corner. Drizzle remaining over dough top. Close lid & allow machine to work. It will start baking cycle after this last rise.


When baking cycle ends, use a digital probe thermometer to check loaf’s internal temp. 210-degF. Remove tin from oven & cool at least 1-hr... if possible *grin*


Using Angelica Nelson’s method here:



  • Homemade sourdough made with 1/2 potato flakes & 1/2 KAF M4M with 1 Floristor probiotic capsule broken open & sprinkled over slurry. Tended & ripened over 7-days.
  • This was not fully workable ripened sourdough. Used amounts normally cast off during additional feeding.
  • So excited making this first loaf of tasty, tangy, crispy & tender GF bread! In a bread machine even.




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Angelica Nelson

Great job!  Using ghee was clever, as it has no water in it to mess up the hydration.  I also like your method of adding salt later.  Are you keeping the sourdough going for another loaf next week or will you start new? 

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Beverly the Inspired

Usually have at least one SD ripening regularly. Makes great addition to pancakes, biskets, brownies & spice cake. Flavour similar to cream cheese/sour cream. Tomorrow starting one with teff.

I’m limited to 5-g fat per meal. I looove sweet butter. To add rich buttery taste, brushing ghee on the dough is a better option. Actually only used 1-tsp of the 1-Tblsp.

DH loved your Whole Grain Rice & Buckwheat recipe! Only significant change was using cassava flour r/t rice & reconstituted buttermilk r/t sweet milk. Definitely a keeper. He said it reminded him of the old deli-style rye breads. Your rye beginnings pay dividends.

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Angelica Nelson

That's a great thing to hear!  :) I'm glad it worked out.