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Tonight's loaves

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Tonight's loaves

Tonight's sourdough loaves.


Quite good, though not as sour I as like. It was sunny today, so I had it rise quicker than usual on the table in the sunlight. I honestly think it made a difference in the flavor. I need to take advantage of the cool nights while the remain to do a few more loaves with long, slow overnight fermentation.


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Just gorgeous!

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Glorious Cooking and Baking to All

Scooter G Fast

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Wow, nicest sourdough loaves I've seen in a long time! I love it whe people aren't afraid to get their crusts nice and dark.


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In the last month or so I've really become a convert to dark crust. Or at least longer bakes that result in darker crust. I'm nearly always happier with the end product when I leave it in an extra 5 or 10 minutes.

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Please put them on the top of the front page for all to enjoy, and for incentive.

Susan from San Diego

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Slothbear said it all.


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One nugget I came across in one of the books I've read (and I've read so many bread books my head is spinning) was to leave the bread in the oven at least five minutes after the timer has gone off. While I've not gotten the gorgeously brown crust that Floyd has, my loaves are better looking with the additional time.

That bread has made me hungry for some fresh goodies. Not enough time left to do bread, so I guess chocolate chippies will have to do...


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Yeah, I've did something like that with these: I turned the oven off at 20 minutes, but didn't pull them out for another 5 or so. I like the way it dries out the crust.

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Wow!  Absolutely gorgeous.  Well done.