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The fifth loaf

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The fifth loaf

The first in a series of experiments on my 'Loaf 3' recipe.

Loaf 5 
250g white flour, 250g wholegrain wheat flour.
80% hydration
15% starter
2% salt

Experiment: Refreshed starter overnight. 

In the morning, did 1 hour autolyse, then mixed in starter & salt.

4 stretch & folds over 2 hours, then a bulk ferment at (cool-ish) room temp for about 5-6 hours.

Pre-shaped and let rest for 30 mins

Proofed in a glass bowl, at room temp for about 2-2.5 hours.

Baked in dutch oven at ~230c for 20 mins covered, 30 mins uncovered. Let cool overnight.

Result: it seems like refreshing the starter has resulted in bigger air holes, a more open crumb. The crumb itself feels a little dry, though that could be because of the cooling overnight. Overall I'm happy with this, and it seems like refreshing is a good idea.

Also, I was more 'intuitive' with this bake, in the sense that I tracked bulk rise to make sure it had risen and had a few air holes before moving on.


What to try next: Slashing the top before baking!