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Oat porridge sourdough

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Oat porridge sourdough

Followed some recommendations from Maurizio's recipe, adjusted the rest to suit my schedule/comfort zone. Feedback always welcome, I've only come so far with help from this community.

50g quick oats soaked in water overnight then drained (used drained water for dough)
12g flax seeds, soaked with oats (4 tsp)

Whole Foods 365 Organic AP flour 450g (70%)
KAF whole wheat flour 150g (23%)
Water 438g (use water from oats, 75%, including water absorbed by oats closer to 80%)
Starter 100g (2:1 AP to whole wheat, hydrated at 100%) (17%)
Salt 10g (1.5%)

Things I learned
1. Yes, definitely cover your loaf with an inverted pot if you don’t have a dutch oven to trap steam
2. It’s not too damaging to divide your loaf and reshape again if you do it early
3. Yes, I should’ve been doing a longer bulk ferment. My previous BFs were 1-2 hrs, this time it was 6 hours
4. Starter really does make your dough more slack, I’m still trying to figure out how to work with it, not really sure I should have added it during the autolyse as Maurizio did. At least I managed to resist adding more water
5. Measure everything! Even when I’m sneakily adding more water I should at least measure what I added so I can keep track and make appropriate changes next time.

1. (7:45am) 1-hour autolyse with starter at 77-79F, add starter and 408g water first and mix, hold out 30g of water
2. (8:15am) Add 10g salt and added all hold out water
3. Bulk fermentation for 5 hours, fold oats into dough after first 30 minutes, stretch and fold every 30 minutes (forgot to weigh the soaked oats to find out how much water I was adding, calculated based on the final dough weight of 1.3kg that I probably added 40g max of water from oats)
4. (1:15am) Cold ferment in fridge 7 hours
5. (8:15) Preshaped then divided into two then pre-shaped again
6. Pre-shape, circling dough tightly, then let rest for 20 minutes
7. Preheat oven for an hour with oven-proof pot inside and cast iron pan under the baking stone
8. Shape and proof, fold dough up into package and roll on surface to create a tight skin, roll boule over oats before final proof, seam side down on couche for 40 minutes at 74F. Dough was pretty wet and a little difficult to handle.
9. Score and slide loaf in, spray generously with water
10. Cover loaf with pot with overhang so steam can get in, pour water into cast iron, place ice onto baking stone
11. Bake at 500 for 15 minutes then at 450F uncovered with convection for an additional 18 mins


Soaked oats and flax, very wet even after draining for over an hour

Soaked oats and flax

Had trouble incorporating it into the dough at first, didn't fold it into the layers as uniformly as I would've liked

Combining into dough

Dough came together well after first s&f

After first s&f

Baking covered vs uncovered

Covered loaf clearly had better oven spring.

Pretty good crumb, any feedback? Maybe a little underbaked. This is a cross-section of the uncovered loaf, I haven't cut into the other one yet but I might post updates. It's got a weird distribution of hole sizes, many really big ones, and the rest are tiny, not many in-between. Why is that?

Cross section of the covered loaf. So yummy. It's a bread I highly recommend, anyone interested should probably check out the original recipe.