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To the TFL web developers

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To the TFL web developers


I am enjoying being a part of the  TFL community. The only problem I have faced is the pop up ads at the bottom of the page.  It is interfering with my ability to continue searching and reading the following pages in the forum. Is there anyway known to see more pages? I am not very computer savvy, so basic terms please. 

Thank you 

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as they are - on handheld devices, there is a way to momentarily eliminate them to expose the bottom portion of the screen.  

If the "x" is easily visible, then tap it to close out that annoyance.  If the 'x'" is white and inside of a grey circle for example, it will appear on the rightmost portion of the ad.  Tap it to remove it.  It may look "free floating", but is part of the ad nonetheless.  If it doesn't respond, then turn the device 90 degrees to landscape (from typical portrait mode) and tap it again.  This "should" remove the ad.  Another will be waiting in the near future for you...

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Install an ad-blocker (and then, if you can, donate a little something to support the site). Here's another thread on the subject: