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Sourdough Buchty

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Sourdough Buchty

When I was a little kid, when parents want to show off how good their kids were in spelling (it's a double-edged sword actually for it is also often used when you want to give someone a hard time :D), they will make them spell "Czechoslovakia." Being so foreign sounding and with a peculiar arrangement of consonants for our eyes and ears, it was really difficult for kids in this side of the world to spell and really shows how good they were in actually "memorizing" letters for the correct spelling.

We only know the word but we really don't know what Czechoslovakia actually was. It was only in high school during geography class I finally knew that it was a country that has peacefully became two independent countries. While browsing bread videos, I randomly saw this cute little buns called buchty and was surprised that it came from those countries The memories just came rushing back. If you want to know more about it, here is an excellent information and recipe. It is also popular in neighboring countries and goes by many other names.

Here is my sourdough version. (Pardon for the rushed photos and lumpy icing sugar, I did not have my little sifter with me...)

I did not have plum butter so I filled them with a dark raisin jam. I did not have the chance to cut one bun in half (because they were demolished so quickly) but you can see the filling peeking in the lower right corner of the next photo.

I served the way it is served in Austria, with vanilla sauce. So delicious!


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And they remind me so much of they types of confections and cakes we saw growing up in NYC - in the windows and on the shelves of both the Italian and Jewish bakeries in my neighborhood.

They must be so soft and sweet. All more easily baked with an oven, no? ;-)

And for the record, as a child I recall sitting and being at a frustrated loss over the correct spelling of the name Joseph.  A lot easier than Czechoslovakia!

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I feel like I am broadening my baking at this point in time, willing to try things that are unheard of in this part of the world.

I have a similar experience, I almost got a perfect score in a test but unfortunately did not get it because of the spelling! :)

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It reminds me Pai Bao 排包, the brioche of Hong Kong people :) Instead of vanilla sauce, I bet my mom would dip this buchty in chocolate swirl peanut butter... Personally I prefer your version with raisin jam to plum butter for it's lighter. 

For some reason, I kept spelling "solve" as "slove" (perhaps because we used the word "slave" so much in English History classes?). Yet I was already in secondary school when I realized that. It'd taken me months to correct it... Definitely not proud of that!  

Glad to see you back posting, Pal. Happy New Year!

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It is really similar to Pai Bao. Maybe these are just a tad richer. I think the lightness is from the very sticky and soft dough along with a good amount of butter.

We all had those "correct spellings" that were really not. :)

Happy New Year!

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Nice to see your baking again.  Always fun to try breads from other areas of the world.  I never heard of these, but they look delicious.  As far as spelling goes, I couldn't spell "Czechoslovakia." when I was a kid and without spell check I still can't spell it 🥱.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Best Regards,

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There are "those words" which we will always need the aid of the spell check just to be sure.

Happy New Year too Ian!