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chili spiced chocolate chip cookies

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chili spiced chocolate chip cookies

if you were making a ccc recipe with 4c flour and wanted to heat it up, hope much chili powder would you use?

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You could try one of these:

If you are just making an addition to a recipe that you already like, you could still use those to try to get a ratio.

It also depends on other add-ins, like rolled oats, that would dilute the chili's heat.  

Some use cayenne pepper, others crushed chilies, one used Sriracha sauce.

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Thanks. found those. I was more looking for experienced input or best guess, which is what I guess I will do.

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Chili powder is a mix of cumin, dried chili,perhaps salt or onion flavor, depending on the brand. I'm not sure I'd like the cumin flavor or onon to a chocolate chip cookie. If you want a little heat, add finely diced fresh hot pepper OR 1/8-1/2 tsp dried red or cayenne pepper, OR if you want a little smoke flavor then use chipotle pepper.

Just add it to your existing chocolate chip cookie recipe. I think it would be pretty to add pink peppercorns,also.

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Mini Oven

of the finished mixed dough and work in a measured amount.  Then bake up a few cookies to see how hot they're not.  Then adjust for the next 100 g dough.  Sugar, oven heat, and fat will effect chili 🌶.  I might also put some dried chili flakes or fresh diced into a blender with 50 g sugar, quick pulse (dry if needed) and roll the top of the cookie balls into it and bake.  You get sparkle and pop!  You can make a few or the whole batch. 

Make or buy chili chocolate bars and cut then into chips or chunks and use them in the recipe. 💡 

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I suppose I'll just make a few with some cayenne, chipotle powder, Espelette, and perhaps some aleppo for crunch, see how it goes.