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What year was the " KitchenAid Mixer Ultra Power KSM90 " made?

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What year was the " KitchenAid Mixer Ultra Power KSM90 " made?

Does anyone know what year the KitchenAid Ultra Power KSM90 mixer was made? It has the model number KSM90 and uses 250 max Watts.  It was made in Michigan USA.  It has English and French writing on it and a red color trim band on it.

Does anyone own a machine like this? Do you know how old it is?

Kitchenaid Ultra Power KSM90 250 Watt

Kitchenaid Ultra Power KSM90 250 Watt

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Perhaps on the underside of the base?  If so, that might indicate a year or perhaps a serial number.  


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Look at the second letter in your serial number. It represents the year your KitchenAid appliance was produced. For example, "J" indicates an appliance made in 1999. The years go up as the letters do, so "K" would equal the year 2000, "L" would equal the year 2001, and so on. The year 2011 would be signified by a "V."

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Second letter in my serial number is K. I got the mixer for my birthday in 1993

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Rube Goldberg

I own this machine. Mine doesn't have a red trim band nor any french. Made in Michigan but has a MAX. watts rating of 300. I don't know how old it is, I bought it in the thrift store for $35. The serial number label is missing from the base so I can't date it that way either. It is a horrible little mixer, I like my old Oster Kitchen Center better, even though the KA is a more expensive mixer. I do like the whisk attachment and the dual action on the KitchenAid.

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I just inherited  this same mixer  from  my  grandmother  and hers  was older than I am (31). Not much help. But good luck.

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My serial # second letter is a K. It was a birthday gift in 1993.'s picture
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Sandy W

Hi, I received the white and red KSM90 mixer as a wedding present in June 1982.  Works like new, though I am replacing a beater.  You can get a copy of the owner manual online if you need it.