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My Lodge cast iron cooking arsenal.

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My Lodge cast iron cooking arsenal.

Oct 2019.

Prices include domestic shipping if order total is at least US $25, or if you have Prime.

Lodge 10.25" (O.D.) pan/skillet with 2 short handles. Fits in my Ambiano (Aldi) toaster oven. Standard straight-angled (ie, not curved sides like a chef pan) sides of a regular skillet, so it takes a lid, or you can use foil. Inside inner bottom diameter about 9".

Lodge 3.2 qt combo cooker. Regular price US$ 34.90. Can sometimes go on sale for $29.99 to $32.99. Lid/Skillet's inner inside bottom diameter, about 9". Pot's inner inside bottom diameter, about 8". Use inverted, with "lid/skillet" as base, and pot as a "hat", to easily load the dough, and score it with less chance of burning hand/arm on the pot. Or, for a smaller diameter boule, use pot as the base. I like using this for boules. Have done up to 3.1 pounds of WW dough.

Lodge 5 qt combo cooker. Regular price US$39.90. Sometimes go on sale. I do not have this one. The skillet/lid is same diameter as the 3.2 quart model. But the pot is deeper, and has straight, not angled, sides.

Lodge 14" pizza pan, griddle. Regular price US$39.99. Sale price, or with coupon, $29.99. I have one, but have only used it for pizza so far. Has a small lip, but not enough to put a lid/cover on. 14" is outer diameter, not counting handles. Has "Pro-Logic" style handles.

Lodge 9.25" (O.D.) round handle-less griddle/plate. One of my work-horses, frequently used in toaster oven for baking bannock and pitas, or toasting bread.
or Walmart:

Lodge 8" (O.D.) skillet. Fits in toaster oven, diagonally.

Lodge 15" (O.D.) skillet. Normal price US $49.90.  Regularly goes on sale for $40.   This was an impulse buy when it was on sale. Haven't used it yet. It does fit in the kitchen oven.

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