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made my all-time favorite whole grain bread today by accident

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made my all-time favorite whole grain bread today by accident

i heard that today was world bread day, so i thought i'd bake a loaf - one a bit different from anything i've tried before.  i put together 400 grams of whole spelt flour, 50 grams of barley flour and 50 grams of oat bran - my first time, btw, baking bread with oat bran. then i went to find my yeast.

i had run out of yeast last week, so i had bought a bunch - packets this time.  but i couldn't find them.  after half an hour, i still couldn't find them, and couldn't remember anyone bringing them in.  so i decided to make my loaf into a soda bread - well, baking powder bread.  i added baking powder, plenty of it - 14 grams.  then i put two small scoops of light butter in a measuring cup, melted them and poured buttermilk in to one cup (ultimately i ended up using about 1 1/3 cups of liquid).  btw, i find adding a little barley flour not only tastes good but it seems to have stronger gluten than spelt and makes the dough work a little more like wheat flour.

i've only ever done soda bread by hand, but tried it in the stand mixer.  it worked out okay, but i finished it by hand, and i only went just passed a rough stage, formed it into a ball, put it on parchment paper on a pizza pan, flattened the ball, made the X on the top and popped it in at 450 till it reached 207 f inside.  

it smelled heavenly while baking, and while the finished loaf is pretty ugly and smelled not so inviting to me while still warm, cold it really is the best-tasting whole grain bread i've ever tasted with a crunchy but not too crunchy crust, a slightly but reasonably soft crumb.  but it's the taste that's driving me wild.  i can't stop nibbling!  

i have friends who love whole grain bread, but i never got it till now.  move over, white bread - you've got some serious competition!