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Hello! First post and first bake

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Hello! First post and first bake

Hi all! My name is Kris I live in Girvan which is in Scotland. This is my first bake using a yeasted dough (milk bread recipe). The batch baked rolls seem to have turned out ok. Whereas the loaf needs work. Not sure what I’ve done wrong. Maybe under proved? 

Practice makes perfect. I think next time I will try and tighten up on my shaping and prove for longer. 

The crumb








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I love soft and fluffy milk rolls as well!

I don't think the big loaf is very underproofed, but it looks like it could use maybe just 15 min more proofing time. 

To create the stringy texture and a tall big loaf,it's best to separate the dough into 3-4 pieces, roll out each into rectangles, roll each up like a swiss roll,pinch to seal, and line all 3 or 4 of the rolls seem side down, swirl side facing the long sides of the pan! It has to do with the gluten pattern of the dough, you loaf in the pic seemed to be have shaped as a big roll and the swirl sides were facing the short sides of the pan. When you slice them you're cutting them "against the grain" instead of "with the grain"if that makes sense

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Excellent tip. You are right I did it as a big loaf. I will try the way you suggested on my next bake. Help is much appreciated :)

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Hotbake, I am not familiar with the technique you describe and can’t quite picture it. Do you have a photo or a link? I have not seen your method described anywhere else, and I could also use help with shaping loaves.