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max kneading capacity for spiral mixers (mecnosud vs eurodib)

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max kneading capacity for spiral mixers (mecnosud vs eurodib)


Currently shopping for a ~ 40 qt spiral mixer for a small bakery operation. 

I'm interested in a Mecnosud IM38 DUS (42 quart) 2 speed spiral mixer. The spec sheet says it has a 55 lb flour capacity, with an 84 lb kneading capacity. It's running 220/60/3.

Out of curiosity, I was comparing to a lesser expensive Eurodib LM40t 40 qt spiral mixer, and noticed the kneading capacity is only 35 lbs. The power on this model is only single phase (220v, 3080w, 14A, 6-20p, 1 phase). 

The difference in kneading capacity between these models is very drastic, despite both being roughly the same volume capacity. Is that standard, when comparing single phase vs 3 phase mixers? Feel like I might be missing something.