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Please help me with spice/sugar proportions

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Please help me with spice/sugar proportions

My friend and I are troubleshooting a recipe. I think the issue is proportions of spice and sugar which is inhibiting the yeast. Can you help us get the proportions correct?

What I need to know is how much is the maximum, in percentages to the flour, for the following ingredients:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Honey and Molasses
  3. Cayenne Pepper

Can you also advise on the minimum amount of salt one can get away with without seeing too much difference in the final loaf.

The bread which we're trying to make is 100% freshly ground whole spelt with a biga. For health reasons as little amount of salt is wanted but flavour is made up with the above ingredients. If you have any ideas on putting together a recipe it would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps we need to toggle the yeast as well.

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Mini Oven

should be mixed together and spread onto the already bulked and deflated dough, then rolled up creating a swirl.  That way, there is less interference with yeast.  Salt, under 1.3 % on flour starts to have dramatic effects.

If the loaves are coming out brick like. The most likely spelt problem is over fermenting the dough with too little hydration. Stay well under the "double" guideline for volume proofing.  Allow spelt flour to fully hydrate before working it.

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Abe (not verified)

I have passed on your advice.

Just to be sure that I understand you correctly... Spelt needs less ferment time but still needs time to absorb the water so an autolyse is advisable?

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Mini Oven