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Beginner’s Sourdough - Another time

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Beginner’s Sourdough - Another time

I am still working on my skills with sourdough, having had some recent success I thought I see if I can replicate that success.  With this bake I also thought I’d try shaping using a spritz of water on the counter and my hands, unfortunately that didn’t go so well.  I’m not sure why it didn’t work, perhaps I used too much water, that is the most likely cause.  After the shaping didn’t go well with water, I let the blob rest and then reshaped using flour, this went a bit better but not as good as my previous bake.

Same formula as before except 78% not counting any water added during coil folding so probably even higher.

I think that some of the huge spaces in the crumb are from my shaping issues, as the slices of bread further out from the center have a nice crumb structure.  The crumb wasn’t wet or gummy at all and the bread tasted good with a slight sour tang which tasted great with the curry tomato poached cod that I made to go with this.  I do plan to bake this again and next time will reduce the hydration a bit and I’m hoping for better results again.  Sorry about posting this same recipe but I like to document my progress even if it feels like two steps back sometimes.  All good though as it will always be a learning process.  Fortunately we like the flavour and texture of this bread.