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Triple Chocoholic

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Triple Chocoholic

I was poking around in the back of the drinks cupboard, as you do, and came across this bottle of Saltaire Triple Chocoholic stout, a long forgotten thoughtful gift from Jane, my daughter,

It seemed a pity to drink it all at once when I could enjoy it for a lot longer, one slice at a time, so it became the large part of the liquid in a pair of loaves of 40% wholewheat bread.

Here's the breakdown:

Marriage's strong white flour           720g      60%

Home milled Skyfall wheat              480g      40%

Saltaire Triple Chocoholic stout      470g       42%

Water                                               400g      33%

Salt                                                    24g         2%

Levain @ 100% hyd.                       240g       20%

Final hydration including levain                       75%.

Flour in levain was 50% each of Strong white and whole grain.

The triple choc stout should have been 500g but I couldn't resist having a swig.

Day 1   Levain build.  8am      5g+10+10

                                  1pm     25g+30+30

                                   6pm     85g+83+83      Into fridge @ 11pm

All flour water and salt mixed together@ 10pm and into fridge at 11pm.

Day 2     8am    Autolyse and levain out of fridge to warm to room temp.

              12.30pm  Levain added to dough and mixed in.

Bulk ferment completed after 5hrs. including five stretch and folds in first 2 1/2 hours.

              5.30pm  dough divided.  6pm  final shape and into fridge @ 6.30pm.

Day 3    12 noon  Dough baked in dutch oven straight from fridge.

So thank you Jane, the bread is delicious and any time you feel the urge to buy your old dad some more chocoholic stout, don't resist!




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A toast to a perfect union!

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Agreed and what a nice way of putting it.

(I had to look it up!)

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How wonderful, nice bake.


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A belated thank you Benny for the compliment.