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A Quick Post with Lots of Food

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A Quick Post with Lots of Food


Life’s been a bit busy so I’m only sharing some food photos today.


Halloumi gassi with paniyaram (yes, paneer not Halloumi is used traditionally)


Scrambled eggs with tomatoes with plain jasmine rice. My kind of comfort food :)


Pan-fried garlic chive pork dumplings


Calamarata in a simple tomato sauce with crisped Spanish chorizo


Garlicky white wine spaghetti with cabbages, shimeji mushrooms and capelin, with a generous handful of Provolone Piccante. Trust me, it's good


Cheesy Mexican rice with pan-seared chicken thigh. Extra spicy!


Korean stir fried homemade udon with fishcakes


Clams in miso broth, fried seasoned chicken, Beef Bulgogi, braised soya beans, garlic chive salad, braised potatoes, stir-fried cabbages with corn & seasoned fried tofu skin, and plain Japanese rice


10% each durum, kamut & rye SD


30% each sprouted white wheat, Red Fife & spelt, 10% rye SD, with 25% halloumi and 3% white sesame seeds


30% sprouted durum, 20% sprouted buckwheat & 50% kamut SD    


100% atta scallion pancake with shrimp oil, Sichuan peppercorn and white pepper


Happy baking, cooking and eating! 



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I love pot stickers!😍

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To create that soupy effect, I like to fold some gelatinized broth into the filling. I've been making them way more often since I bought a pasta machine (uh oh). It speeds up the rolling-out-the-wrappers part drastically! To be honest, usually I break out the pasta machine to make flatbread, crackers, wrappers, udon and ramen, seldom pasta... 

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Elsie I love the kind of food you make.  The scallion pancakes are a favourite of mine but I've never made them.


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Scallion pancakes are surprisingly easy to make. I can't stand overly greasy food so I seldom order them at restaurants. The cooks are too skimpy with the scallions too... Spreading a roux over the dough produces the flakiest effect no doubt. However, I usually just make laminated dough with some seasoned oil to save the trouble. It's somewhat similar to how Indians make lachha paratha. The key to creating multiple separated layers is slapping the pancakes as hardly as you could against the hot pan! Very therapeutic :) 

Give them a try! It's very difficult to mess them up. Glad you like the food. 

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queso fresco, Mozzarella, paneer, ricotta and ricotta salada, etc!  They are all so similar and fun to make.  Like anything else, foodies love to make everything they eat, or grow it, or cure it, or mill it or anything they want to do with it.  Then they want to cook it, serve it and eat it the most.   My daughter moved to Seattle and there are toms of all kinds or oriental folks living an working there.  She met a couple who make great pot stickers, Shu Mai and anything else Dim sum.  My Son in law makes great smoked meats on his smoker and half decent sourdough bread. A match made in heaven so they get together often and make stuff that each other usually never made themselves.

Your cooking is a primer for all kinds and styles of fusion foods. And you have a whole lifetime t share it.  Friends are made around the table and in the kitchen.  You are going to have lots of friend.  It all looks so good and for a post that is food you snuck some bread in there too!  Nice!  Well done and

Happy Baking Elsie.


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over fresh cheese when eaten on its own. That said, I fresh cheese just as much in cold and hot dishes. What is Greek salad without a generous block of salty feta? Yes, real foodies not only love eating food, but they also enjoy doing anything related to food. Perhaps we just want to be surrounded by food as much as possible... Who cares if people call us nuts? Speaking of making food, I just made my first batch of hot Italian sausage yesterday. No smoker but there was a few drops of liquid smoke in the mix. The sausage were made from pork collar trimmed to around 7% fat. That's far too lean for the sausage standard so sodium carbonate and yogurt whey were added to promote gelation and water absorption. I'm quite proud how flavorful, plump and juicy they turned out!

I now see why you approved of your son-in-law. His smoked meat and SD bread have to be pretty killer too to receive such a high praise from you. What a foodie family you have :) You're right about how friends are made around the table. Many of the friends I made share a common interest for eating and cooking. The professor from one of my courses is from Ohio but he loves all sort of Chinese culture. Cooking is one of his hobbies that he shared with us photos of food he made. There were Da Pan Ji, steamed Mandarin roll, homemade Chinese noodles, as well as other US food like cinnamon rolls, bagels and green beans soup! Needless to say, I developed a fondness for him (and the course) almost instantly.

Thanks for all the compliments! You are part of my food inspiration too!