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Coppia Ferrarese

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Coppia Ferrarese

As someone that has a keen interest in Italian breads, and all things Italian for that matter, my repertoire includes very few regional breads.

I like the antitheses idea of super high hydration breads and wondered just how low one can go...

Coppia Ferrarese hailing from the province of Ferrara in the Emilia-Romagna is quite interesting as its conception is in-part the result of regulation, like Pane Toscana; because of the salt tax.

Restrictions relating to product weight meant the Coppia was designed to not lose weight from baking.

Coppia meaning "couple" represents the paring of two people.

The standard formulation includes just 35% water!

100% type 0 flour
35% water
10% lievito naturale (45% hydration) 
6% lard
3-4% extra virgin olive oil
2% malt
2% salt

I went a bit heavy with some additional malt syrup hence the colour but I thought I shaped it pretty well!

It is now proving!

how about a video:



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Dude - Needs a NSFW warning label. This is a family site. 🤣

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😂. I know I know. What was I thinking...

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and the shapes created in the video remind me of Giacometti art sculptures in bread apart from other x rated connotations......ha, ha....

I did something similar by posting Pain Fendu photos on IG and had to take the post down as some commentators got carried away!! :D

I remember my Mum using lard for baking...which many people seem not to like now  but it added a very special taste to her damson tart. aka Pflaumenkuchen..  Happy baking.. Kat

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Thanks for your comment Kat. I feel so much better now.

Glad to know I'm not the only one to have experienced unintentional explicit connotations.

I can bow my head in shame no longer.

I agree lard is a little lost now-a-days and that is a shame. I was mindful before posting to consider those that are vegan and contemplated suggesting that perhaps the the lard could simply be replaced with olive oil, but yes lard does bring a flavour that can't be substituted. And some of the best melt in mouth, flaky pastries can only be achieved with lard.

Thanks again.


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