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My first malted grain bread

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My first malted grain bread

Made my first trip to a brewing shop Friday (it was fun smelling all the malts, made me crave bread and a dark ale).  Today I baked side-by-side bread for comparison:  the batch on the left with caramelized malted wheat, on the right without.   Mo malt in the PF (fresh-milled white wheat).  Used a 5-grain flaked soaker plus some bran from milling.  The dough had high-protein bread flour from Lehi roller mill (June Utah trip).  Even at 2% of dough flour weight, the dough & bread with malt had a subtle difference in the smell, color and taste.  No difference in dough handling or rise between the batches.  Since there was no dough change and the malt is dark amber, I'm guessing it was kilned at a high enough temp to lose its DP so maybe I can use more next time.  

Interesting.  On to the next 6 flavors I bought small amounts of (light to dark chocolate), then the 20+ I didn't buy.   Thanks to DanAyo for all the advice over the weekend as I researched this chapter!  Also to DAB, Mini and everyone who contributed to the many thread pages I read on using malted grains:  tons of helpful info there.  Next chapter is Toadies and altus.  

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Like you, I went crazy and bought small quantities of many malts. I like the darker malts so much, I never got around to using the light ones.

The dark malts will have a strong affect on your breads, both in color and flavor.

Looking forward to hearing more of your malt ventures.


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in the taste and smell of bread.  They take bread to the next level for sure.  You will have a grand time messing with all of them.  This reminds me I need to make some rye malt.  I can't think of a whole grain bread that isn't enhanced with a bit of red rye malt!

These breads a beautimous and have to be tasty.  Well done and Happy Baking MBB!