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Marathon bread

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Marathon bread

Marathon bread i want to do a copycat recipe if anyone has one that is close to the ingredients but i don't want to do the wild yeast culture it looks like too much to do.  I have some of the ingredients.  I want to know what flour to use I have king arthur all purpose flour.  Let me know i i should also use bread flour.  I have rye flour and whole wheat flour.  I bought the bread at Wegmans food store and it tasted so awesome so I want to try making my own with the fruit added.  Anyone have a copy recipe that comes close to try.  I will be using a hamilton beach bread maker.  

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I'm visiting a friend of mine next month and she asked me to come with a Marathon Bread recipe for us to bake together.  I live in Florida and had never heard of the stuff (no Wegman's here!), but I found this recipe online.  I question their use of whole wheat pastry flour- I don't think that would give the bread enough 'chew.'  Again, i haven't had the stuff, so don't know what to aim for, but I think i would start with 40:40:20. or 50:40:10 White flour:whole wheat flour: rye.  Too much whole wheat can make a heavier bread, but I would think after trying a loaf, you could adjust to bring it closer to the Wegman's loaf.  Rye, I understand, in addition to a nice flavor helps the bread seem 'moister.'

My *guess* is the bread doesn't have a ton of chew if the online knock-off recipe used pastry flour.  If that's the case, I'd think you'd be fine using AP flour for the white flour, vs. bread flour.  After that, it looks like 'soup'!  My husband makes great soup, and when I ask him what he does, he says, "I dunno, it's just soup!  throw in good ingredients, and you'll have good soup!"  

One more thing I will suggest- I see in looking at the list of ingredients my friend sent me (screen shot of ingredients sticker), is it has ascorbic acid and "enzymes."  That will help the bread to come out a little softer.  One of the first whole wheat breads I made that came out nicely was "Dee's Health Bread."  She adds 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (ascorbic acid), and says somewhere you don't taste it, but it helps soften the texture of the bread. Note: she makes 6 loaves (unknown size) with this.  I'd recommend adding a couple teaspoons of lemon juice with the Marathon Bread.

Good luck- let me know how it turns out!  I may be trying a loaf here before visiting my friend!  I'll let you know how it goes if I do, though I have nothing to compare it with... :-)