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RondoSeewer STM 503

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RondoSeewer STM 503

Does any one have a Technical Manual?


Can explain how to remove the rollers so I can replace the canvas belts


How is the operating handle removed? The only screw in it is an Allen Screw and removing it does not appear to do anything. I am loath to dorce anything in case I really do some damage.




Martin Prior

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Well As a previous person wrote before me in 2016. I have suceeded in removing the rollers. I removed the rear cover and the front panel. The rollers are held in place just by metal bushes into the cast alloy chassis and I suppose theroecically can be pushed out from the rear through the front panel. Actually is was so corroded that it too a lot of hammering on the rear end of the roller with a piece of wooden dowl (to protect the ends of the roller) and a rubber mallet.

I t will come out but its quite tough or at least it was in my case.


I mentioned above that the rollers are held in by alloy bushes which snugly fit into the Alloy frame. Having now removed the roller I can see that corrosion set in and caused them to sieze up. I found another document online and in it says that the rollers should be removed each month and the canvas washed. Dry the canvas by passing some type of rod through the canvas and weigh it down with a 10 kg wieght to stretch it out.


This machine had been lying around for some time in our humid climate and the previous owner probably did not remove the rollers for maintenance.

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Ah, I'm glad you got them out!

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Have you tired to contact them?

Rondo - Heritage Parts › manuals › rondo Home; / Manuals; / rondo. Call Us; Email; Text Us. Request a Call from a CSR ... SSO615 · STM513 · STM 615 · STM513. models. ...
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Remove the motor side cover. Back the belt tension nuts all the way. The belt frame has a small arm with a bearing retainer. Remove the retainer opposite  side of the motor with 10mm wrench. Using a drift punch gently tap the shaft back and tip the shaft outward a few inches. Slide belt and frame out

10mm nuts are underneath the frame

 Remove it