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Cybake software or alternative

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ross bakery

Cybake software or alternative

Hi, we're a small wholesale bakery on the Isle of Man. We're getting busy quite quicky so I'm looking for bakery production software to help with customer orders and invoicing. I'm currently doing hand written delivery notes and then manually entering these into an invoice at the end of the month. It took eight hours last month and is killing me!

Does anyone have any hands on experience with Cybake software? What are other bakeries using?


Thanks in advance. 



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You might try asking Mick Hartley at  

He developed software to run his own micro bakery and may be able to answer questions or help you.



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I know the problem and have been researching for years. One of the best products for pop & pop bakerires was a PC Software called Artisan Bakery by a guy called Mospan . He later disappeared never to be heard of again. I used it for many years.


I then found I needed a system for my customers to log into to place/manage their orders. I tried quite few from around the world and most of them are really designed for large bakeries with a teams that each utilize a part of the software. The monthly cost ranges from a few hundred up to 1000's. Although they say they can be used for small bakeries. I for one was prepared to spend the long learning cycle to get up to speed on it.



I am currently using 'BuckyBox' which if you just want something simple can do. You can also try Bakewheel which I had developed a few years ago and is fairly resonable price. I no longer have any connection with it except occasionally advise them . Take a look.

Hopefully I will have a new product in a month or two which basically I am planning to release at a very low rate for small medium bakeries. I will update here when I am ready to release it.


Hope this has been of some help. Please contact me if you need more information.

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I am now using Bakewheel software. Its pretty good and allows your retailer customers to manage their own orders. The price is quite reasonable compared to many offerings. I have been using it for about 2 years. There are still a few things that need to be put in place for example card handling but that is in the works.

I am working with the developers to get it right for the small to medium sized bakery with retailer, cafe, store customers. They can have standing orders or temporary orders which they enter and maintain themselves.

I just need to to print "what do I need to bake today", later my wife will print delivery lists and allocate the bread and assign delivery service.

Just makes my life easier.

I have searched the Internet for years and after Artisan Baker from Edward Mospan dropped out of site was never able to find something that I could afford. I did for a while use some high end packages but the baggage they carry over from the big manufacturers just made them too complicated.

At 74 this package will do me till I hang up my apron :)