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Some Random Bread & Food

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Some Random Bread & Food

No formula really worth posting so I’ll just be sharing some recent food photos today.


30% sprouted spelt 20% durum 50% Red Fife wheat


10% each purple rice, sprouted spelt & sprouted rye ciabatta


Sweet & spicy shrimps and soft scrambled eggs with rava upma


Korean rice rolls with baby herrings


Pressure cooked rutabaga lamb shank stew


Chinese sausage & brussel sprouts risotto with baked grouper. Sounds weird but it's good


Farfalle with sugar snap peas in porcini mushroom cream sauce, and seared chicken thigh


Rutabaga biryani with egg drop mushroom curry


Vietnamese Pho (oxtail broth and all the fixings), peanut butter coconut curry with coconut toast, brussel sprouts and green beans in XO sauce, and sweet and sour salad (peppers, daikon radishes, cucumbers and fried shallots)


50% kamut egg yolk bread


Happy eating :)



julie99nl's picture

Your food is amazing! It all looks so delicious. 🤤🤤

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I'm glad you like it! Thanks for the comment :)

Benito's picture

I agree, everything looks amazing, now I'm hungry and have two hours before lunchtime.


Elsie_iu's picture

I'm sure you can wait...? Not so sure for me though. Usually I start to think about lunch even before finishing my breakfast! 

Thanks for the praise and hope you had a nice lunch :)

Hotbake's picture

Good bread, delicious looking meals and awesome plating skills. I'm hungry 😋

Elsie_iu's picture

Getting better but still working on it. I take inspiration from other food bloggers to make dishes look more appetizing. Whenever I see people piling up different food, let's say sashimi, braised beef, french fries and chocolate cake, onto the same plate in a buffet, I wonder how they still haven't lost all of their appetite...

Thanks for the kind words. Time for food!

algebread's picture

I am always impressed by how much nice food you make each week. 

How do you decide what to make?

Elsie_iu's picture

The most obvious factor is what I want to eat :) This is mainly influenced by new dishes featured on food blogs, Instagram posts and magazines, as well as inexplicable cravings for a particular ingredient or dish. It also largely depends on what ingredients I have on hand, which is affected by the supermarket/grocery shop I go to. Produce I pick up at different stores won't be the same because of the variation in price, quality and availability. When I am free to shop matters as well since some of the produce only get delivered to the shop once a week. Freshness is always key. In some rare occasions, I get food request from my parents. 

Thanks for the question!

dabrownman's picture

Your crumb was really good this time!  The food looks all too good and has to be delicious.  Now I have to go back and see how many other great posts I missed over the past couple three months.  Hopefully things will calm down soon in HK.  Be safe!

Elsie_iu's picture

You had been absent for so long! Glad to have you back :)

Don't worry, I'm doing fine in HK. I used to be pretty apathetic when it came to politics. Nowadays news about the issue pop up everyday that there's no way to miss them. Posters are showing up everywhere: in universities, on the streets, at bus stops etc. pretty much every public area you can think of. That said, I'm still the kind who's taking a passive role, mostly staying informed by reading all sort of information. 

Unlike me, my parents and friends have rather strong opinions towards this so I'm feeling a bit tired and over-whelmed. What annoy me the most though, are all the offensive comments people leave for others holding opposing views. There is no justified reason for personal insult. It makes me seriously sick reading them online.

So I turn to food for comfort :)

isand66's picture

Beautiful collection of breads and foods as always.  Love that purple rice bread and the egg Kamut one too!

Elsie_iu's picture

I like the purple bread too. The purple crumb just makes it feel more flavorful! Color does count :) My mom loves the eggy bread. It's got 3 large egg yolks for only 200 g flour so it's nothing lack of egg flavor. I had to break out the food processor as the dough was quite sticky. Worth the effort though.

Thanks for the praise as always!