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1st Usage Century Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

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1st Usage Century Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller

Hi all,

This is half a review based on 1st usage of the "Century Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller".  The 2nd half of the review will follow 2 or 3 months of usage.

My purpose for the electric controller usage is current and future, how I  proof now and a future proof box.

This is a 120VAC 60Hz, Max Load: 8.3A 1000W digital controller allowing one to control either a heating element or electric light temperature, in a proof box, and maintain a constant temperature.

This does NOT include a timer if you need a timer Amazon has digital 24-hour timers for $12+.

Note, my initial breadmaking was using a breadmaker which heated the pan.  I never baked the loaves in the bread maker, instead after the 2nd proof, I would turn the dough out shape put in a slightly warm loaf pan, and use a slightly warm roasting pan, covered with wet wrung out tea towel, heated by a 60w work light.  (I used a coat hanger wire shaped to keep the towel above the pan).  I could monitor the temp inside with my Maverick Digital Thermometer with dual remote probes # ET 732.

I wanted a more "set it" and "forget it" setup.  With the new Century Controller, my current temporary setup uses the microwave as my box with a light & the controller sensor inside the microwave.  

1st impressions

Build Quality:  For the price, I am surprised by the quality, it feels solid even though it is a hard plastic housing. The gauge of the electric cord is at least 12 ga.  The buttons feel right not sloppy.

Initial setup: was very simple, had I no trouble.

Usage: I set the temp did a trial test to see if the temp sensor worked ok, it did. Put 2 loaf pans in the micro with light and sensor.  One might ask, "wasn't the light too warm on the nearest pan"?  I used a plastic plate as shield that directed the heat up at angle toward the pans, so the heat would bounce off the microwave roof and down onto the pans.

I am looking forward to building a proof box and using the Century Controller for heat control. $19 is a pretty decent price if it holds up for 3 to 5 years.

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How much overshoot in temp is there? I use something similar and it was hard to find one that didn't overshoot temp by as much as 5C/41F.

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Nice find for a proofer controller at a great price.  It looks far more compact that buying the digital controller and wiring it ,  as I did, and the temp range looks great for a proofer. 

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Works just fine -- as advertised; good quality build.  Holds temp to about 1 deg C (about 2 deg F)

Using this as the heat controller for easy-to-build proofer (large plastic storage box with cover ; 2x25w ceramic heater lamps plugged into controller; small pan of water; blanket over entire unit for added insulation.  Able to proof large mixing-bowl of dough or 2 10" round bannnetons.  No need for built-in timer -- just come back and take a look when wall clock says about 90 min.