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Khorasan Oat Sourdough Bread

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Khorasan Oat Sourdough Bread

This is a khorasan oat sourdough, a lighter bread than I usually bake. I wanted a light, soft crumb while still including as much fresh milled whole grain as possible. In "Tartine 3" Robertson explains how he accomplishes this by way of various additions to his basic doughs using high extraction flours, porridges, soakers, sprouted grains.  So for this bread I mixed 300 g fresh milled high extraction khorasan flour with 700 g all purpose white flour, autolysed with 750 g water for 3 hours. Then I added 15 g sea salt, 250 g young l.evain (4 hours) and mixed with a series of stretch/folds to start the bulk fermentation; I did four more series of stretch/folds over the first two hours and left the dough to ferment.  After the second series of stretch/folds I mixed in 100 g cooked coarse ground khorasan and 100 g cooked steel cut oats (hoping the little bit of oat porridge would help keep the crumb soft and chewy).  I estimate the FDH about 85%.  The loaves were pre-shaped, rested for thirty minutes and then shaped and coated with a mixture of rolled flaked khorasan/oats/sifted bran.  I cold proofed the loaves overnight and baked directly from the fridge the next morning, covered 500 F for twenty minutes; 450 F for ten minutes and then uncovered directly on a baking stone 450 F for 20 minutes.  I also used the same recipe to make enough dough for a a separate pan loaf - wanted to see how it would work for a sandwich bread.   



The crumb shot


To bake the pan loaf I used a large covered roasting pan. pre-heated and then loaded with some ice cubes and a small container of boiling water and the pan loaf


I removed the loaf from the pan and finished it directly on the baking stone


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You got amazing color on your crust on all of these.  Your crumb looks excellent as well and it must be nice and moist from the porridge addition.

What procedure are you following to achieve the high extraction flour?  I have been sifting with a #40 sieve and then remilling the flour on the lowest setting with my MockMill II which has been working very well.  I could re-sift again but have not found it necessary with this procedure.

Great to see a post from you and I hope you are doing well.

Best Regards,

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I love Khorasan flour.  My usual bread has 25% Khorasan, 5% rye and 70% Bread flour.  I feel Khorasan adds a lovely crust and crumb to any loaf.


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those are absolutely the most beautiful loaves !  I love porridge breads and that is all I have been making. The moistness, as you say, is so appealing. I flake every grain I have in my pantry with good success. I'm so glad you posted this. c

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What a beautiful loaf! Definitely one that I am going to bookmark and try in the future! 

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Khorasan is just so amazing and must try the combination with oats too...creamy, lacy and soft crumb...yum!!! Kat

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I have to bake a porridge loaf this week! Oat tastes rather bland to me, even when toasted, so I might sub it with toasted cracked corn. Your bread looks awesome as always. The gelatinized crust and springy crumb are to die for :)