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Pacquiao Bread (Filipino Coconut-Rice Cake)

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Pacquiao Bread (Filipino Coconut-Rice Cake)

We call this "bibingka" in the Philippines but I better call it the "Manny Pacquiao Bread." Why? This bibingka is actually a celebratory rice cake customarily eaten on morning masses in the country months before Christmas. However, in the modern times, the Filipino Coconut-Rice Cake is now a common street food that you can even buy in the groceries.

It's an exquisite side dish with an edge of sweetness, and can easily be party of your meal or snacks. Cooked in cast-iron for a profoundly brilliant outside, and concealing cuts of salty saved eggs, the bibingka is topped with ground cheddar that gets darker and fresh.

I will eat lots of bibingka as soon as Manny Pacquiao defeats Thurman. Yeah!


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I would love to try this.  Can you share your recipe?