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Today's lunch hour pie bake theme is:

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The Roadside Pi...

Today's lunch hour pie bake theme is:

The Greatest Pie in Town is Huckleberry Pie!

It’s official! I have arrived at that place of Zen-like clarity. A place that many aspire to, but only a few achieve. Pie nirvana! Now I know what some of you are saying right about now. Oh my, how boastful! Well, I can assure you, I am not at all conceited, I am, however, convinced! HA! I kill me….. OHM, OHM, OHM…...#PrideComesBeforeTheFall


This pastry is not conducive at all of cute fancy schmancy designs. In fact if you don't keep it ice cold, it will melt before your eyes (not unlike the wicked witch of the West) Last time (wild blueberry pie) I rolled out the pastry to thin. I was careful not to do that today. The pie is chilling out while the oven pre-heats.

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You're a monster! 

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Crust design isn't important compared to flavor, and I can taste that pie from the picture.  Warm with vanilla ice cream...  Reminds me I have to watch for the dates our local olallieberries will soon be available in bulk (or picking) just a few miles away.  Just got my big freezer repaired and re-organized, so I have space to stock up for the winter.

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Looks great Will, I've never had huckleberries, never seen them here in Canada.  What do they taste like?

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The Roadside Pi...

than the wild blueberries I used last week. Still tart with a little sweetness. Smile.