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This traditional Kenyan bread is truly paradise.

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This traditional Kenyan bread is truly paradise.

This bread has been my favourite since childhood, it can be eaten as a desert, like bread or even as food. You can literarily combine it with anything you want. This bread is called mandazi and is very easy to make.  Please watch this miraculous recipe on youtube:

My lovely grandmom used to make this and I would finish this off after coming from school during the evening. I now want to share this memory with every member on this site...

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This is a lovely post but the link took me to a very bad site with one popup after another. I will be running antivirus check.


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Hi Clazar, I am very sorry for the inconvenience.  I have posted a new link that will directly take you to the youtube video. I hope you enjoy this....

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I found this formulation very interesting. Before I learned that sopapillas are made with baking powder, I made them with yeast and the result was exactly like these.  If you roll them just a little thinner and bake them on a hot stone or grill them, they turn into pita.

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These look delicious! Thanks for sharing.