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Gluten Free Pizza

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Gluten Free Pizza

Recently I made this gluten free pizza for my younger daughter who has intolerance for the gluten and also should not eat cheese. Hence the pizza was made without cheese what is quite unusual, but it was generously topped with grilled vegetables.

Here is a video about preparation.

Happy baking, Joze


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Our Crumb

I'm so surprised no one has commented still about this beautiful creation.  Maybe the phrase "Gluten Free" just scares loafers off.  While I have no need or desire for a gluten free pizza, or one with such a whopping cornicione (we eat enough bread already!), this really is a work of art, Joze!  A bread bowl of perfectly roasted vegetables.  Bugger the cheese - those veg look great without.  Lucky kid you've got!  And perhaps more noteworthy to this loafer at least is (in the video) a superb, working WFO right in somebody's kitchen.  Yours???  That's the ultimate bread baker's dream.  Right there in the kitchen.  Wow.

Happy baking to you too.


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I am not baking a lot with gluten-free flours, but when I have, then I do. This pizza was really great and turned out much better than expected. This time I tried a completely new approach in shaping it. The goal was to use pizza peel and put it in the oven as any other pizza.

The WFO is mine, it is located in the basement in a big party room. Part of this room is a kitceh which I am using for baling bread and this kitchen is only used for other things when there is a party going on. I bought a kit, which included the dome, the floor and the door, the rest is my design and work. It was built in 2006.  Here is a link to the pictures taken during the construction.

Happy baking, Tom