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How to make rye meal/chops/flour?

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How to make rye meal/chops/flour?

I like to bake dark German-style rye breads like pumpernickel, Vollkorn, etc. and I always start with rye berries that I milll in my stone mill attachment.

The recipes I use (mostly from Hammelman's great book) are typically based on various combinations of whole berries, very coarsely milled rye chops, finer rye meal, and dark fine rye flour. But I am having some trouble sifting the milled grains. I can set the mill's coarseness, of course, but I always get some fine flour mixed in, even with the coarser settings. In other words, I never get uniformely coarse chops, nor uniformely grond meal, etc. There is always a non negligible percentage of more finely milled flour mixed in.

Can anyone suggest a method to sift the flour *out*?  I realize this is pretty much the opposite of what mesh strainers are tipically used for, so I am a bit hesitant in investing in a set. But perhaps that's the only method?

Suggestions welcome.



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I have successfully used an ordinary kitchen strainer if you have one of those.



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I have found large kitchen strainers in the following sizes: 12, 16, 20, and 32 wires per inch.

Test sieves are available in many mesh sizes. An advantage of the common 8-inch diameter sieve is that it fits on a common sauce pan.

Here is what Matz's Cereal Technology says about rye granulation:

USBS Sieve      Pumpernickel        Fine Meal

On 8                  30%                         10%

On 20                46%                         40%

On 40                14%                         20%

On 60                 5%                            5%

Thru 60              5%                          25%

If you are shaking by hand, it will save time if you use the finest sieve first.


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Mini Oven

and just weigh the "mixed" sized flour instead of separating everything just to recombine again. :)  

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I appoximate cracked rye or rye chops for these breads by milling at different settings in my Komo, and don’t worry about the finer flour that comes along with it - like Mini Oven, I just go by weight and call it a day. It’s still 100% whole grain and the breads still have plenty of chewy texture for my taste.