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Tonight's NY Style Pizza

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Tonight's NY Style Pizza

I have been experimenting with different ways to use my home oven for pizza.  Tonight's came out really good.  I used a baking steel about 6 inches below the top of the oven, close to the middle rack.  I used 550 F setting and also used the convection setting which often adds another 25 or so equivalent heat.  I preheated the oven for one hour.

I used my sourdough culture which I built up 3 times at 100% hydration followed by making the dough and a further two days in the refrigerator.  I used a food processor running and pulsing for 90 seconds.  King Arthur 12.7% Special Patent Flour (785gr or 96%)  I also used 33 grams or 4% of 100% whole wheat flour for the remaining).  Thus total flour of 816 gr, 3% salt, 100gr of starter, 500Gr spring water (62% hydration).  I added two tbs of extra virgin olive oil and 1 tbs of malt powder I made from sprouted wheat.  Basil on the whole pie with sausage on half.

I baked the pie for two minutes, then turned the pizza 180 degrees around and cooked for another three minutes.  The bottom crust was nice and crisp due to the baking steel, far better then I ever got with when using a stone (although stone works well overall).   I am very pleased with the result.  Next time I may cut the dough size back 10%. Each ball was 440 grams or .97 lbs each, 410gr may be better for this NY style pie.  And perhaps 10% whole wheat and 90% white.  Or as my sweetheart Liz said, it was fine the way it was!  The never ending quest for perfection!! :-)


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Very nice!

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Thanks Brian, the stars were aligned!

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That is a great looking pizza for a home oven.  Nice work. 

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Thanks Barry.

I forgot to add that I included about 1/4 tsp of yeast to help the rise, but the star of the show is the sourdough culture I used and giving the dough two days of refrigeration which really develop a nice flavor profile, pleasant, airy and light as compared to dough using only yeast.  I use a culture for pizza and baking bread.  I find the addition of a small amount of yeast helps the final rise.  My favorite is SAF Instant yeast.  I think it performs better than Fleischman's or Red Star, those being the two choices in my area supermarkets.  The SAF is sold by Whole Foods.  The dough was removed from the refrigerator one hour before shaping. I gently pressed the dough out  with my palm to about 10 inches, waited 5 minutes, then pressed to the full 16" diameter.  Easy to handle when using two steps and the rise during baking was more pronounced than just stretching the dough out all at once. 

The other major factor is using the steel (3/8") and preheating one hour.  The crust was crisp and charred just enough and I was surprised it only took five minutes to bake.  Also, I have often read that you should not use convection settings on a gas oven as it suppresses dough from rising.  I found this not to be the case for pizza, as I am guessing the extra 25 degree heat (575F) made the dough pop nicely.

This was probably my best pizza bake ever!  Thanks again...

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David R

Once you get on that quest, you probably start doing something that, if it was done TO you, you wouldn't accept - constantly moving the goalposts.

But if you're contemplating those unfair moving goalposts while eating some good pizza, somehow things change. 😁

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I would eat that!! :)

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That's beautiful.  It would be my last meal.  

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Looks beautiful and delicious.

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Thank you all for your comments!

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The Roadside Pi...

This is a fine example of a Neapolitan pizza pie! Kudos. 

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Thank you.  La passione degli altri qui mi ispira!  The passion of others here inspires me!