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No Wonder.

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No Wonder.

I keep craving Cinnamon buns. I cant get them off my mind.

I keep wondering whats wrong in my diet that I am craving sweet sticky soft cinnamon buns.......I kept coming up with naught.

Then. I sign in to The Fresh Loaf, to see Jmonkeys sticky buns staring me in the face. Everytime I log into this wonderful site, there they are. Taunting me. Teasing me. Subliminally saying "You know you want me!"

I log in a few times a day for recipes, and new content and or comments on posts I have subscribed to. And I now realise THIS is the reason for my inexplicable craving for sweeeeet buuuuun. *homer simpson style*


Thats how advertising works! 


Thanks everyone for helping me to lose my newly found waistline. 




The Green Baker 

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Heh. Sorry about that. I'll try to put something highly unappetizing up there next. ;)

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Your problem is you HAVE a waistline to lose! When I see sticky buns I just have memories of my 20's when I was in shape.


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Charlotte Fairchild

 I keep saying that bread will not give you a cute waistline unless it is a flat bread with no yeast. They don't call a beer gut a yeast gut for nothin'!

 Bread isn't on an alkaline diet, at least not with glutin. Can someone make sticky buns with buckwheat flour?

But, if you don't have a great waist line, you could always take up belly dancing. Belly dancers don't have a flat tummy, and they aren't skinny.


Of course moderation with bread is the key. Is it one cinnamon bun a year?