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Pizza Skills are Improving

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Pizza Skills are Improving

I got the pizza bug from watching The Road Side Pie King’s pizza post! That, coupled with the fact that a Community Bake featuring Pizza Pies will be starting in the next week, lead to days of research and and hours of mixing and baking pizzas. I am happy to say that my pies are progressing and the outlook for the CB is promising.

Here is my latest rendition. It is by far the best yet.

All of my pies are baked in a home oven and many use readily available flours and ingredients. I am finalizing a basic formula and process for outstanding pizza that is focused on the average baker. The CB should post this weekend or Monday at the lastest. Keep an eye out and by all means, join in. 


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Looks amazing! Yum!

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Wow Danny, that is amazing looking.  I’m looking forward to my first CB with you guys.

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The Roadside Pi...

Nice, Danny.

 Nice improvement, on the browning on the crust and cornice, perfect for my liking! Tell me how did you achieve the crisp caramelized crust without being Cajun blackened?


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Will, as you know I’ve experimented with a lot of different flours. Thus far KABF & KAAP 50/50 works the best. 

The skins are par-baked in a pie pan for 2 minutes, then topped and baked directly on the stone @ 550F. 

No sugar, no oil. 

You have been a great help to me.