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I buy my bread flour in 12.5kg bags.  It doesn't disclose the protein content but I'm assuming it's 11.5%.  When I come accross recipes for high gluten flour, I generally add 30g of gluten per 500g of flour.  I have no idea where I came accross that information.  How much gluten should I add.  Also how do I work out the protein content of the gluten-enriched flour?


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 I'd say the amount you should add is the amount that gives you the results you're looking for ;-)

I would probably add around 15-20 g of vital wheat gluten per 500 g of flour. Assuming the VWG has a protein level of around 75%, this would bring a flour with originally 11.5% protein up to around 13.3 - 13.9%.


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You could contact the manufacturer and ask for the protein content.  No guarantees, but it's worth a try.

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If you're in the U.S. there should a label on the bag indicating the amount of protein per serving i.e. 3 g protein per 300 g flour (equaling 10% etc.).  If not in U.S. go the the homepage of the milling company and check the specs for the flour or maybe their home page has an e-mail funtion that will allow you to query them as to protein content.